Alien Funk Home Planet

You have navigated your starship to the home of Portland Oregon’s own interplanetary funk band. Alien Funk Squad is prepared to take you on a voyage to another galaxy, where the Alien Funk groove sensation has already begun.

This portal is your access the Alien Funk music galaxy. Use the navigation panel at left to pilot this funkified starship. Enhance your journey with the pure sounds of Alien Funk in your ears, by selecting a song, also on the port (left) panel. These songs are lo-fi encoded but give you a taste of what Alien Funk has to offer. Upcoming shows are listed to starboard (right), and more details can be found on the shows page.

Keep your radio dial tuned into the funk squad frequency, by friending us on myspace, fanning us on facebook, or following us on twitter. You can also get on the funk train by subscribing to our mailing list.

With a CD release in the near future keep checking back on the store. We will soon have our music, stickers, and t-shirts for sale there. Merchandise is also available at our shows.

The Alien Says:

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